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Jan 2020 - Present
Software/Web Developer
  1. Built a voting platform for an award scheme in Mombasa County, increasing participation and engagement.
  2. Created user-friendly and accessible websites for NGOs, improving their online presence through better SEO.
  3. Delivered innovative and effective full-stack applications that drive positive impact and improve business outcomes for various clients.
  4. Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work collaboratively.
Nov 2020 - Present
Software and Systems Developer
Swahilipot Hub Foundation
Mombasa, Kenya
  1. Raised awareness of tech trends and best practices and fostered the sharing of technical skills among youth.
  2. Improved online platform performance and security for the Swahilipot Hub Foundation.
  3. Mentored and supervised students from higher education institutes across Kenya, providing practical learning opportunities and real-life experience.
  4. Contributed to internal systems and provided software development consultation.
Jan 2020 - Present
Technical Writing & Blogs
Contracts, and Personal
Around the World
  1. Simplifying complex programming concepts and guides to easy short principles in a friendly tone
  2. Worked with different companies in Software Development industries to write technical articles and tutorials for their products and marketing tutorials for tools and products.
Aug 2020 - Jul 2021
Frontend Developer
Uhuru Pies
United States, (Remote)
  1. Improved eCommerce platform performance and accessibility for Uhuru Pies, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher sales.
  2. Successfully executed a seamless platform migration, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a positive experience for customers and stakeholders.

Volunteering And Community

2020 - Present
Green World Campaign Kenya
Mombasa, Kenya
Software Engineering
Technical Consultation
Building and visualizing for the AIRS project that helps reward communities that engage in regenrative agriculture in Kenya.
Aug 2022 - Present
OnlyDevs Ke
Mombasa, Kenya
Community Lead
Technical Mentor
Organize Technical meetups and mentorship programs for the local community. Give talks and mentorship on various technical topics in the tech industry.

Professional Skills

Front-End Development
Statistical Analysis
Back-End Development
Dev Ops
Technical Writing
User Interface Design

Languages and Tools

APIs and Documentation